Release 0.2 - x.beta2.230313

Please find the notes for this release below:

  • Developed a robust deployment pipeline to enable more frequent updates and bug fixes
  • Added a number of new features to both the UI and API
  • Fixed outstanding bugs from 0.1
  • Improved performance with significant increases, especially for cold starts
  • Recipes added to the documentation site



  • Created relationships from a type to the same type
  • Enabled multiple relationships to the same type
  • Added a new relationships field content_of on every object to show the sets in which an object is included.
  • Made schema version activation asynchronous with a new getActivationStatus query to view the status of activation and current version number
  • Enabled every object type to be added as content of a set


  • Improved Content Library with the following enhancements:

    • Added visual indicator for object types
    • Enabled display of primary field
    • Added image preview for objects
    • Added availability preview
    • Added translations preview
    • Implemented various performance improvements, including infinite loading
  • Object Metadata Panel:

    • Added ability to reorder, remove, and add new content to sets through drag and drop from Content Library
    • Added side by side view for optimised workflow
    • Added ability to view language and global metadata fields
    • Added ability to view images
  • Other:


  • Fixed reverse relationships from system objects such as image and asset
  • Improved stability of available relationship results
  • Fixed issues with the entire self-configuration workflow
  • Corrected input type name on the update mutation for newly created object types
  • Validated every relationship when a schema version is activated to avoid returning null for some relationships
  • Docs have been updated and improved wherever possible
  • Other fixes for the UI