Release 18.0 240325.18.0

This update includes a new feature we're thrilled to announce. A key goal at Skylark has been to leverage AI to enhance our service, simplifying the workflow for users and enriching the content experience for their audience. This update marks the debut of AI-assisted field suggestions, a strong first step in building out these enhancements.

Release 17.1 240215.17.1

This release fixes an issue with listing schema configuration versions.

Release 17.0 240205.17.0

This release includes a feature users have been shouting out for, the ability to delete object types via the self-configuration API. We've also included bug fixes and refinements to the self-configuration API.

Release 16.4 240130.16.3

This release fixes an issue with fetching an object's availability inheritance information.

Release 16.3 240124.16.3

This release includes a small improvement for getting inherited availability.

Release 16.2 240122.16.2

This release addresses a bug when updating global fields.

Release 16.1 240111.16.1

This release addresses some bugs around availability inheritance.

Release 16.0 240110.16.0

Happy New Year! :fireworks:

Release 15.1 231201.15.1

This release fixed bugs and adds queries to get/list relationship config to power new features in the Skylark UI.

Release 15.0 231113.15.0

This release includes the option to raise errors if queries are not optimised for caching, along with various fixes and improvements.