Release 17.0 240205.17.0

This release includes a feature users have been shouting out for, the ability to delete object types via the self-configuration API. We've also included bug fixes and refinements to the self-configuration API.


Delete object types

It is now possible to delete object types via the API. We've deprecated the createObjectType and added a new editObjectTypeConfiguration mutation, in line with the other editXConfiguration self-configuration mutations.

Multiple types can be deleted like so:

mutation {
  editObjectTypeConfiguration(object_types: [
      name: "MyType",
      operation: DELETE
      name: "AnotherType",
      operation: DELETE
  ]) {

These changes are subject to versioning, see the content modelling documentation for more information.

Note that deleting an object type will only remove the type, fields and relationships from the schema, but objects of that type in the database will still remain. So if you delete a type, activate the new version, then rollback to the previous version, your objects of that type will still exist.


  • Fixed an issue where fields from another type could be added to a new type when activating a version.