Release 20.0 240501.20.0

This release brings new functionality to Skylark integrations for managing private/signed videos.

Private/Signed Upload

It's now possible to specify the policy when creating an upload url via Skylark to upload either a public or private file and a new policy field has been added to the SkylarkAsset type to reflect that.

It's also possible to set a default at a provider by provider level.

This example shows creating a "signed" playback URL in Mux via the Skylark API:



Private/Signed Playback

When creating a new integration in Skylark, a signing key can now be automatically created and stored for use later by the new playback-url endpoint.

This endpoint will use the signing key to generate a full signed playback URL.



Note, this feature is currently only available for the Mux integration, with more following soon.