Release 13.4 231024.13.4

This release addresses bugs addresses issues with the Cloudinary integration and _meta.published field.

Release 13.3 231020.13.3

This release addresses bugs in using draft mode.

Release 13.0 - 231017.13.0

This release brings even more power to the Edge Cache by automatically running invalidations based on your availability.

Release 12.2 - 231005.12.2

This release addresses issues with post processing tasks.

Release 12.1 - 231003.12.1

This release addresses issues with boolean headers.

Release 12.0 - 231003.12.0

This update allows users greater flexibility in managing their Stellate edge cache.

Release 11.0 - 230921.11.0

This release introduces a new publishing workflow as well as improvements to our versioning system.

Release 10.0 - 230904.10.0

This release includes changes to how Skylark handles timezones, updates to the built-in Skylark schema and the usual array of bug fixes and improvements.

Release 9.1 - 230822.9.1

This release addresses issues creating and updating floats values.

Release 9.0 - 230808.9.0

This release introduces Skylark integrations as well as some new options for working with objects and relationships.