Release 16.3 240124.16.3

This release includes a small improvement for getting inherited availability.

Release 16.2 240122.16.2

This release addresses a bug when updating global fields.

Release 16.1 240111.16.1

This release addresses some bugs around availability inheritance.

Release 16.0 240110.16.0

Happy New Year! 🎆

Release 15.1 231201.15.1

This release fixed bugs and adds queries to get/list relationship config to power new features in the Skylark UI.

Release 15.0 231113.15.0

This release includes the option to raise errors if queries are not optimised for caching, along with various fixes and improvements.

Release 14.0 231101.14.0

This release brings more power and stability to deleting objects, including a new batch delete mutation in the API and moving more delete processing into background tasks to make sure delete requests don't hang.

Release 13.4 231024.13.4

This release addresses bugs addresses issues with the Cloudinary integration and _meta.published field.

Release 13.3 231020.13.3

This release addresses bugs in using draft mode.

Release 13.0 - 231017.13.0

This release brings even more power to the Edge Cache by automatically running invalidations based on your availability.