Release 13.0 - 231017.13.0

This release brings even more power to the Edge Cache by automatically running invalidations based on your availability.


Availability Based Cache Invalidation ⏰

Working with availability can make long caches impossible as responses could remain cached even when an object's availability has started or expired, leading users to either see things they shouldn't or not see things they should!

To make this a problem of the past we've introduced automatic cache invalidation based on availability and the best part is: you don't need to do anything!

We keep track of availability and automatically run the following:

  • type invalidations when an object's availability is starting (meaning cached responses including the object's type will be invalidated)
  • uid availability when an object's availability is ending (meaning only cached responses with that specific uid will be invalidated)

The invalidation will happen within 60 seconds of the availability starting/ending, meaning you can set much higher max ages on all cache responses for speedy response times.


  • Changing dimension headers now varies the cache
  • Fixed an issue where an error could be thrown when updating an object with external ID
  • Fixed an issue where the published field in an object's _meta returns as null
  • Fixed an issue where an error was thrown when updating cache configuration