Release 15.0 231113.15.0

This release includes the option to raise errors if queries are not optimised for caching, along with various fixes and improvements.

We're also happy to announce that we've reworked our infrastructure to eliminate the need for downtime when deploying new major Skylark versions, meaning you have maximum uptime. A side effect of this is that for the 5-10 minutes during a Skylark deployment, activating new schema versions is locked.


UID Field Prompt

In line with recent changes to our caching, it's now possible to raise an exception is the uid field is not returned in query responses. This applies to getting single objects, lists of objects, relationships and set content.

This is useful for developers working with the API as it gives clear feedback whether your request is optimised for caching.

To use this feature, you can either enable to account wide or use the new x-raise-uid-exception header.


Note for accounts created after 13th November 2023

This option is automatically enabled for all accounts created on or after 13th November 2023.

This can be changed via the setAccountConfiguration mutation.

Set account wide request:

mutation {
  setAccountConfiguration(account_config: {
    raise_uid_exception: true
  }) {
    config {


  "x-raise-uid-exception": true


  • Improve setting UI field config which could occasionally time out if updating multiple fields.
  • Fixed an error where setting UI field config for a required field would result in an error.