Release 0.5 - x.beta2.230330

Please find the notes for this release below:


This release introduces the ability for users to create custom Set types, with their own fields and relationships, in addition to the built-in SkylarkSet type.


Custom set types

This feature allows users to create a new set-like object with a custom name, custom fields and its own relationships.

The new set-like object will have a field called content which behaves the same as the content field on the built-in SkylarkSet type.

The content_of field on all metadata objects allows users to specify the fields from the type of set they want returned using the ... on syntax.

As part of this change, all built-in object types have been prepended with Skylark (e.g built-in set is now called SkylarkSet) and changes to these types, other than relationships, are locked as these are now managed by our internal systems.