Release 1.0 - 230414.1.0

Release Notes: Version 1.0.0 - First Production Release 🎉

We are excited to announce our first production release, transitioning out of beta!


Comprehensive Data Model:

  • Our schema now supports VOD content, live channels with electronic program guides, and various new configuration types.
  • New types can be added to existing sets, and relationships can be established with existing types.

Enhanced Roles and Permissions

  • We now provide multiple API keys, each assigned a role with specific permissions, allowing for more granular access control.
  • Consult the documentation for a detailed breakdown of roles and their associated permissions.

Improved Update Functionality

  • In response to user feedback, we've revamped the update object functions for a more intuitive experience.
  • Default behavior is now to "patch" against the latest version, but specific version patching and PUT emulation remain available.
  • Refer to the updated documentation for more information.


  • Numerous fixes, stability enhancements, and performance improvements have been implemented in this release.


  • The entertainment data model has been streamlined, with the removal of default fields such as title_medium and synopsis_medium have been removed.
  • The data_source_id and data_source_fields arguments have been removed from all mutations for reassessment and future reintroduction.
  • The time_travel argument has been deprecated in all queries, with the functionality now limited to relationships. The argument will soon be removed entirely in favour of the x-time-travel header in a future release.