Release 8.0 - 230724.8.0

This release adds background processing for availability rules as well as fixes and improvements to stability.


Availability update task processing

Updating or deleting an availability rule can be a long request to process, especially if you have the rule linked to many objects. So to improve stability we've moved the processing to a background task.

When you make an update or delete, subtasks for updating the individual objects are created and processed in parallel. You can check the status of the task processing using the listSkylarkBackgroundTask query.

Ignore time header

A new admin header, x-ignore-time has been added. This allows you to query for objects using just their dimensions and unlocks new functionality in the Skylark UI.


Language not found error

Fixes a bug that was occuring during the creation of a new translation which caused an error of Unable to locate language version None.

Header permissions

Apply correct permissions to admin headers such as x-ignore-availability.