Skylark Feature Roadmap


This page will be updated with a list of new Skylark features as they are identified, prioritised and made ready for release.


The features and corresponding release windows defined below are approximate and are subject to change.

This is an extremely high level look at what's coming for Skylark. If there are any features that you'd like clarification on, then please contact us here.

Within the next monthVideo Provider IntegrationAPI: In Progress
UI: Scheduled
Multi-select drag and drop in UIAPI: Complete
UI: In Progress
Asynchronous ProcessingAPI: Complete
WYSIWYG Text Editor SupportAPI: Complete
UI: Scheduled
Within the next 3 monthsSkylark Preview ImprovementsAPI: Scheduled
APP: Scheduled
Default Availability SupportAPI: Scheduled
UI: Scheduled
Default Timezone SupportAPI: Scheduled
UI: Scheduled