Create Incoming Webhook URL


This url allows you to setup a new integration with Skylark. The body of the post request contains details of the integration you're setting up and the response will contain a unique URL which you can supply to your provider webhook configuration to enable Skylark integration.

The required input fields are:

Input FieldDescription
typeThe type of integration being created. Eg. video
provider_nameName of the pre-integrated partner
skylark_api_urlYour full Skylark API URL. Eg. https://<name>
skylark_api_keyA read/write Skylark API key

Additional fields are required for some providers.

ProviderRequired fieldDescription
Bitmovinbitmovin_api_keyYour bitmovin API key
JWPlayerjwplayer_v2_api_keyYour JWPlayer v2 API key

If these fields are not supplied, an error will be thrown.

Example request

This is an example of setting up a Bitmovin integration:

    "skylark_api_url": "https\://<name>",
    "skylark_api_key": "<Your API key>",
    "provider_name": "bitmovin",
    "type": "video",
  	"bitmovin_api_key": "<Your Bitmovin API Key>"

This request returns the value webhook_url, for example:

  "webhook_url": "<Webhook Token>"

You can now supply this url to your provider's webhook configuration to complete the Skylark integration.