Introduction to Integrations


The Skylark integration service allows data from external systems to automatically flow into Skylark. It does this by receiving webhooks and transforming them into objects in Skylark.

All the currently available integrations are a one way flow from the provider into Skylark. At present objects are only created and updated, not deleted from Skylark.

The service consists of an endpoint for retrieving a webhook URL to add to your provider configuration.

Supported Pre-integrated Partners

The pre-integrated partners that are currently supported are:

VideoBitmovinVOD encodings are transformed into Skylark assets
VideoMuxVOD encodings are transformed into Skylark assets
VideoJWPlayerVOD encodings are transformed into Skylark assets, additional assets are created for video thumbnails and Skylark images are created for image thumbnails
ImageryCloudinaryNewly uploaded images are transformed into Skylark images

New integrations are constantly being created and existing integrations are being updated with new features so check back here regularly.

Dude, Where's My Pre-integration?

If there is a service provider you wish to use with Skylark that isn't currently listed above then please get in touch with us detailing your use case and we'll get back to you.