Skylark provides multiple headers for adding context to your queries.


Some headers require elevated permissions

Learn more about permissions here.

x-ignore-availabilityIgnore availability rules and return all content in query.
x-time-travelView content with availability matching date and time. See here for more .
x-ignore-timeSimilar to ignore availability, however only the time element is ignored.
x-bypass-cacheBypasses all caching. Value must be supplied as either 1 or 0.

Dimension headers

Dimensions can be supplied to Skylark via headers using the format: x-sl-dimension-<dimension-slug>.

For example the dimension device-type would be passed as:

  "x-sl-dimension-device-type": "smart-tv"

By default, dimensions passed in the header and in the argument will be merged together. The headers will take priority if duplicate dimensions are passed.

The header x-override-dimensions can also be passed to optionally ignore any dimensions passed in the arguments.

For example, to pass dimensions in the header and override the dimension arguemnts:

  "x-sl-dimension-device-type": "smart-tv",
  "x-sl-dimension-customer-type": "premium",
  "x-override-dimensions": true

Skylark Preview


Headers Power Skylark Preview

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