Mux Integration

Upload content to your Mux account, have it appear automatically in your Skylark account

Learn how to integrate Mux with your Skylark account. If your team is using Skylark as a CMS this integration will allow them to upload videos to Mux and have them automatically appear as SkylarkAsset objects in your Skylark Content Library.

Create a Webhook Listening URL in Skylark



    "skylark_api_url": "https\://<name>",
    "skylark_api_key": "<Your API key>",
    "provider_name": "mux",
    "type": "video"

Example Result:

    "webhook_url": ""
  • Copy the URL to clipboard.

Add Webhook URL to Mux

Log in to your Mux account and navigate to Settings > Webhooks in the left hand menu:

  • Click on + Create New Webhooks
  • Select the desired Environment:
  • URL to notify: The Webhook you created earlier
  • Click Create webhook.

You can now upload videos to Mux and have them appear in Skylark as SkylarkAsset objects!