Welcome to Skylark

What is Skylark?

Skylark is a content segmentation platform. Like a headless CMS, but built for Streaming.

It empowers content teams to curate engaging user experiences based on their content and target them at fine-grained user segments.

API Reference

The Skylark API is built on GraphQL. Skylark's API always returns predictable results, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes to allow you to quickly and easily ship your product. You can read more here about our API Conventions.

Every Skylark account ships with a completely customisable data model. At time of writing this default model is focussed around entertainment media such as OTT products in the vein of Netflix or Disney+, however the user has the option of adapting or augmenting this model with their own object types, fields and relationships or simply deleting everything already in place and starting from scratch.

Just getting started?

Check out the Skylark Quick Start Guide.

Not a developer?

You can use the Skylark Web App to create and manage all of your metadata.

It’s updated continuously and it’s open source so you can build your own custom curatorial workflows.