Purge Cache

It's sometimes essential to purge cached responses, so Skylark includes a purgeCache mutation to do that. However, to avoid purging the entire cache, arguments can be sent to the mutation to minimise the effect to response times.

Purge All

If you want to purge the entire cache, set the all argument to true.

mutation {
  purgeCache(all: true) {

Purge Types

To purge all instances of a specific type, set the type argument.

This example will purge all instances of the Episode type from the cache. This includes Set objects which include episodes in their response and responses which include episodes in their relationship responses.

mutation {
  purgeCache(type: {name: Episode}) {

Purge Specific Objects

To minimise the effects of purging the cache, you can purge only specific objects.


Returning the UID in queries

In order for the cache to be built for specific objects, the uid must be returned in queries and mutations.

If this is not done it's impossible to purge by an object's UID.

You can purge an array of UIDs on a per type bases. For example:

mutation {
  purgeCache(type: {
    name: Episode,
    uids: [
  }) {